As a Lamaze-trained Childbirth Educator, I am a knowledgeable guide as you prepare your heart, home, and body for motherhood. I will help you and your partner feel confident heading into your birth and beyond.




I bring presence, wisdom, and kindness to your birth experience. My knowledge of the birth experience and training in comfort measures will reassure you at every step. I will stay by your side to meet your needs as you trust your body and prepare to meet your baby.




You've brought home your baby...now what? I will be there for you after you give birth to serve your needs as a new Mama. I provide in-home support immediately following your return home with baby to encourage and nurture you as you rest and get to know your baby.


Mama, I've got you

Meet the Doula


Hi Mama! I’m Cameron, and my work as a doula starts with my heart for children and families. My career as an elementary school teacher gave me the chance to build relationships with diverse groups of families over the years. I met expectant mothers afraid of birth and motherhood, and I've seen new mothers feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I knew that with the right tools, education, and support, these women would have had different and more positive stories to tell. I wanted to do more for my families; becoming a childbirth educator and a doula was the perfect way for me to blend my skills as an educator with my passion for women having empowering birth experiences and becoming confident mothers. I truly love what I do, and my work is driven by my faith; I desire that the love of God pours through me as I support you.

As your doula, I am there to support you in all the ways that you need. Think of me as your advocate, sidekick, confidant, teacher, encourager, and more! Whether we are practicing labor positions in my Lamaze class, breathing together through your labor, or learning how to swaddle your baby, I would be truly honored to do well for you as you do well for your baby.


When I’m not serving as a doula, I reside in San Jose where I live with my husband, Ryan. When I'm not supporting families, I enjoy being active, watching reality TV, and enjoying dinners with my big family. 


I am a certification candidate for DONA and have completed their birth and postpartum trainings. I adhere to evidence-based practices for labor, delivery, and newborn care. I am here to support whatever choices you make for yourself and your family. 

My services are available to all types of families, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Please reach out to me to discuss your specific needs. I'm happy to work with you!



Cameron is truly INCREDIBLE. She makes the content easily approachable, while keeping it informative and engaging. She knows her stuff and knows how to comfort new parents in this crazy process.

- Lauren R.

Cameron is a wonderful Doula and Educator! She ensures an engaging environment while teaching meaningful topics. You’ll leave her course feeling better prepared and supported!!

- Samantha L.

If you are looking for a Doula, look o further, you've come across a pot of gold. Cameron is a gem. Being first time parents, we didn't know what to expect throughout our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Cameron walked us through everything and answered every question. Thank you, Cameron! You've made a huge impact on our pregnancy!

- Jessica J.

Cameron put me at ease and helped me make informed decisions while putting together my birth plan. It was so helpful and saved me from feeling overwhelmed to have someone talk me thhrough the different options that I had!

- Sarah L.



The birth of your baby can be deeply transformative, but it can be difficult to navigate such an intense experience on your own. As you journey through your unique birth experience, I am there to guide you through every step. My unwavering presence during your birth will allow you to trust the process and maintain a sense of calm and focus. I offer emotional and physical support, as well as knowledge of the birth process, so you can remain in control as you make decisions that are best for you and your baby. My compassionate, kind, and non-judgmental approach means that I am always on your team- I believe every woman has the ability to know her body and trust her instincts, and I am there to hold your hand (literally!) as you have the birth that you were meant to have.

My birth support includes:

  • 3 prenatal visits to prepare for labor, create your birth plan, share resources, practice comfort measures, and plan for postpartum

  • Phone and e-mail support during your pregnancy

  • Being on call for you 24/7 in the weeks surrounding your birth

  • Continuous in-person support during your labor and delivery

  • Assisting with comfort measures such as breathing, positions, massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and verbal encouragement during your birth

  • Empowering you to engage in shared-decision making with your care providers

  • Supporting your wishes in birth helping you advocate for your birth plan

  • A follow-up postpartum visit to check-in with you and your baby

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"The process of birth is a true threshold- you're not the same on the other side"

Lindsay, new mom




When you bring your sweet new baby home, your life may look drastically different. While so much attention is paid to the new baby, I believe that new parents need just as much attention and nurturing. As you navigate newborn care, healing from birth, and transitioning to a new family dynamic postpartum doulas can make all the difference. That's where I come in! My support and presence in your home during those precious first few weeks means that you can focus solely on your baby and I can make sure that you are taken care of. I offer emotional support for you to process your experiences and evidence-based insight into how to care for your newborn. My one-on-one, in-home support will be catered to your needs; if I leave you feeling nurtured and confident to take care of your newborn, then I've done my job!

Some of the services I can offer include:

  • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding support

  • Help with newborn care and soothing

  • Care for baby while you sleep

  • Help you understand baby's hunger cues, sleep schedule, etc.

  • Assist mom with postpartum healing and comfort (herbal baths, massages, etc.)

  • Provide reassurance and emotional support

  • Talk with you about your birth experience

  • Prepare nurturing and warming snacks/meals to promote healing in your body

  • Help set up your home to be a peaceful retreat (cleaning linens, setting up a breastfeeding station, etc.)

  • Offer guidance for sibling support after new baby

  • Run quick errands related to baby's needs

  • Help your family with scheduling, creating routines, or setting goals 

  • Refer you to other resources in the community for support

  • Present you with evidence-based advice and suggestions




Cameron is a wonderful educator! She ensures an engaging environment while teaching meaningful topics. You'll leave her class feeling better prepared and supported!



In these virtual classes you will learn to:







  • B.S. Human Development, UC Davis

  • Masters in Education, UC Davis

  • California K-8th Teaching Credential, UC Davis


DONA International
Trained by Patty Brennan, Lifespan Doulas


Trained by Blake Sleusser, Birthing Babies VA


Trained by Barbara Robertson


DONA International

Trained by Felicia Roche


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