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A childbirth class based on the Lamaze healthy birth practices

*I am pleased to be offering my childbirth + newborn classes through Blossom Birth! Stay tuned for information on my next group class! For a more personal and private experience, I offer private childbirth classes for expecting couples.



Week 1 & 2 - Your Body Knows Best

Misconceptions about birth

Overview of the stages of labor

Birth anatomy

The advantages of birth hormones

Early labor & when to leave for the hospital

Week 3 & 4 - Contractions are Strong, but you are Stronger

Coping in active labor

Natural comfort measures

How to move and breathe in labor

How to involve your partner

Common medical routines and interventions

Advocating for yourself in labor

Week 5 & 6 - Nurturing Yourself and Your Baby

Common hospital newborn routines

Postpartum healing

Basics of breastfeeding

Newborn care 

Co-parenting and embracing parenthood

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