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Navigating Your Birth: Secrets from a Doula

A 6-week childbirth series

Join a group of expecting parents as we dive into everything you can expect during your time at the hospital. Whether you are desiring an unmedicated birth, are stoked for the epidural, or aren’t really sure yet!


Having supported births as a doula for over 4 years, I offer a unique insight into what birth is really like, and how to successfully navigate birthing in a hospital setting. In this class you will learn the evidence-based information you need to know to make the best decisions for your birth. Plus, you will connect with other expecting parents, learn lessons from a doula, and hear real stories from real women. 


Cameron is informed, compassionate, and organized, and she is clearly passionate about her work and mother/baby well being. She shared information, resources, and wisdom that you won't get from the doctor's office or online research

Week 1 & 2 

  • Choosing your birth space/care providers

  • The importance of birth plans for all births

  • Eliminating fear around birth

  • Building a birth team

  • What to expect in early labor

  • Your options for induction

  • Having a positive induction

  • End of pregnancy: myths vs facts

Week 3 & 4 

  • Creating a supportive and peaceful birth space

  • What to expect during your hospital stay

  • Understanding hospital “buzz words”

  • Active labor and birth hormones

  • How to ask the right questions to your care team

  • What informed consent is and is not

  • Your choices in birth

  • Staying calm in a hospital setting

Week 5 & 6 

  • What to do when your birth plan changes

  • Benefits and risks of common medical interventions

  • How to facilitate labor progress with an epidural

  • How to let your body be your guide during labor

  • Following your body’s natural urges to push

  • Your options for pain relief

  • Partner/doula support during labor

  • Moments following birth

        Mondays 7pm    

  April 15-May 20th 

         Live on Zoom   

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